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Don’t fight fellow woman over a man’s cassava. There is plenty of big, sweet cassava

Written by on September 11, 2021

Women in an argument

Leave my man alone – biggest joke of the century. If you have ever sent such a message to a woman, you thought was having an affair with your man, you should be very ashamed of yourself.

If you have ever confronted another woman to tell her to leave your man alone, you should go to Church and repent for being nasty to a human being.

If ever there was a time you called a number you picked from your man’s phone to threaten another human being to leave your man alone, you should repent and call them to apologize.

A man is not something anyone can steal. There are no coitus accidents. How you start pulling a woman’s wig instead of walking away from that man is what baffles me.

A grown man who knows that he is married or in a relationship talks to a woman about getting some, and the generous woman is to blame?

You call the woman a slut and go back home with a certified whore and think she will be the last woman he will dip his stick in?

If you ever suspect or even know that your man is cheating, talk to him. Men cheat for different reasons. If he is man enough, he will tell you exactly why.

And when he tells you the reasons why, listen. If he says you are a moving van of nags, try and change. If you can’t change, let him cheat in peace.

If he tells you that it is about your friends or family and how much you let them drive your relationship, you either drop your friends for the relationship or the relationship for the friends.

There is no need for me to sugarcoat that there is a way in between. If you are stupid enough to let your family or friends tell you how to run your relationship, if you are in the habit of telling your friends even when your man shits, then be ready to let him cheat in peace or keep the friends out of the relationship.

It is sad that sometimes a woman is fighting a woman she suspects to be sleeping with her man, yet the person enjoying him is her best friend.

Sad how she will run to her friend to talk about how she suspects her man of sleeping around when she is talking to the woman who sat on the same man’s stick hours back.

Another woman is not to blame for your man cheating. No amount of juju will make your man cheat on you 10 times. All those women can not have it out for you.

Stop the nonsense that he is too handsome and women run after him. Are you going to police him for better for worse? Are you going to run after every workmate, friend in his life?

If he can’t genuinely tell you why he is stepping out, whether it is physical, emotional, or even when he doesn’t know, leave him. It only means he is not about to change to for you.

A man might cheat on you, and he actually really loves you. He might have a slight issue, and once talked about and resolved, you will live happily ever after.

Let the women be. These men know how to lie and lie really good. So in case he is cheating, and you know it for a fact, talk to him first before you start googling how to buy acid online and making a fool out of yourself in front of your friends and the world.

Till next time fix your man!

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